Show at the Delancy and other updates!

The Bizness first and then the more intimate cuddle up:
1)We Are The Woods are in the process of recording a new Album with producer Jeremy Sklarsky at Threshold Recording Studios. It is the best damn thing I have ever done personally. When I listen to some of what we’ve done so far I tear up and feel so amazing, like dropping backwards through a corridor of cotton candy, that tastes like stars. You are going to feel even better about life than you already do now when you hear it and when you have it as your own.
2) To that point, we’re launching a Pledge Music campaign ( to help get the new record into your ears ASAP. In just a week’s time you can check out our pledge page, watch a hilarious movie we made, and get your beautiful selves involved. Thank You Forever. (we will send out one more email in a few days time with the link when it’s up).


3) Tuesday May 15th We are The Woods have the honor of opening up for one of our favorite bands, Flying Cars at The Delancey. We hit at 8PM sharp don’t be late and don’t wear a tarp (that’s my final warning).


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