Pledge Music Page Launched!

Dearest Sunbeams and Sirens,


We Are The Woods are wicked pleased to announce the official launch of our Pledge Music campaign, Let’s Make a Record!


With this campaign we hope to fund the completion and the release of our new album, Whales And Roses. We’ve been having a blast recording with Jeremy Sklarsky at Threshold Recording Studios in NYC and we can’t wait to debut some of the all star tracks for you on our pledge page. We made a transcendent gem of a film to welcome you to said pledge page and we recommend you view it immediately and twice a day if necessary until you find yourself right with the world in all ways.¬†Tyler Beckwith¬†was our house film editor and director for this project so feel free to aim your lasers of praise and adulation in his direction. In addition to this exciting short film, you will also be able to preorder the new record and place your bid on an awesome range of seriously dope exclusives and woods merchandise. All of these contributions will go towards funding our cause and rescue the planet. “How could that be?!” you ask. Answer: because 10% of all the money we raise will go to, a pivotal organization that’s building a global movement to solve the climate crisis.



We’re very excited to build this record with you

And to have a big giant party when it’s all said and done

And several medium sized parties along the way.

Let’s Make a Record!


We Love You!

We Are The Woods:

Jessie, Marcia, and Tyler



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