Pledge Music Campaign Update

Dear Readers,

So much news…


1-THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting us 99% towards our target on Pledge Music We are so close! When
we reach our target pledge will send us a boatload of cash and we can start making CDs! Records! TShirts! Tote Bags! And Baby Koala Carriers and Pacifiers! Just Kidding About That Last Part! We have song previews up (Laser Light Show and Whales and Roses) and mp3 downloads of past Jessie Classics, “Rainbows,” “Drunk on Fashion,” “There You Are,” and “Last Car On The Train.” So pledge away Dear Readers and help us win big time.


2-We are super delighted to announce that our song “New York City Lights” off of our last album Eight Belles will be featured in the new David Ross movie, I Do. I Do is a powerful film about a British guy living in New York fighting for love, family and a green card who happens to be gay. Jamie Lynn Sigler steps in as the cover spouse to help him stay in the country. The movie premiers at Outfest in LA on July 18th and at Qfest in Philly Jully 20 and 21st.


3- We Are The Woods got to meet Jeff Buckley’s mom, Mary Guibert and we fell in love with her. While in the studio recording “Laser Light Show” for the new album, James Walsh, owner of Threshold Recording Studios NYC came into the studio (built in the footprint of Jeff Buckley’s last rehearsal space in NYC) with Jeff’s mom, Mary Guibert. While we were in the studio, moviemakers were also in there working on Mystery White Boy (the Jeff Buckley bio pic) and soundtrack. Jeff’s mother, Mary Guibert, stopped by and came into our session for a listen. Sadly, I, Jessie was out buying beef Jerkey (I kid you not) so I missed hearing all the nice things she had to say about “Laser Light Show.” But we were thrilled when she showed up with James Walsh at our show at the Delancey the following week! We love this pic of us together. Mary was really enthusiastic about the show and afterwards she said: We Are The Woods “have something very special going on. So delightful to have found you. Please, keep it up. I want more! xoxoM”

We Are Blushing Our Pants Off. You know those dreams you have that you didn’t even know you had? Like meeting Jeff Buckley’s mother and having her like your music and be an amazing and warm person? Dream Realized. Love and Blessings to the wizard himself, Jeff Buckley.

That’s all for now!
Help us reach our target and then some on Pledge Music!


Lots of Love,
We Are The Woods
Jessie, Marcia, and Tyler


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