Whales and Roses Review in No Depression

Another sweet review from our pals at No Depression!  Check out Lee’s Listening stack, we are in the 15 album choices for the month of October.


We Are the Woods
Whales and Roses

Lovely and evocative, We Are the Woods’ hushed harmonies, twilight vocals and intimate melodies converge for a debut album that strongly suggests they’re a band worth watching. A previous EP, Eight Belles, gave guitarist Jessie Murphy the main billing, but here the band operates on all the same cylinders and produce a set so assured most bands wouldn’t realize its proficiency until several sessions on. Among the many standouts: the irresistible “Ghost Is the Color,” a giddy “Black Diamond, Pink Diamond,” the bracing “Subway” and the pop-pervasive “In the Library.” The songs are crisp yet precious, cheery with a slight hint of fairy tale charm. Murphy’s been cited for guitar prowess, but this isn’t a guitar album per se. Rather it’s an effort where ambiance and intrigue take center stage and that makes it one enticing escapade. This woodland journey is heartily encouraged.


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